Hello everyone! I am Ashigaru. Welcome to Shiroishi City!

I’ve been ordered by the lord Kojuro, the lord of the city, to “liven up Shiroishi with tourism,” so I’m working day and night to do just that! Through various experiences, I will introduce the charms of Shiroishi City to the fullest!

What I want to do in Shiroishi

I would like to create new value by visiting various places and meeting various people and connecting the people and places I meet. There are many attractive people and places in Shiroishi City. We will connect each and every one of these charms and share them not only with Japan but also with the world!

My favorite place in Shiroishi

I’ve been living in Shiroishi since April 2020, and although my experience in Shiroishi is still limited, Shiroishi Castle is still a sight to behold. I’ve been living in Shiroishi since April 2020. Shiroishi Castle at night is also a sight to behold.  I enjoy taking pictures of stars, and the combination of the castle and the stars is outstanding! Please be sure to take a look at Shiroishi Castle at night, when its expression changes dramatically.

I personally love nature, camping, and mountain climbing, and I especially recommend Green Park Fubo, where you can spend a relaxing time looking at Mount Fumio during the day and a bonfire at night. It’s a great way to get away from the daily frustrations.

What do you think? Do you now want to visit Shiroishi? I value not only the experience, but also the dialogue with my guests. We want to make sure that each and every guest is happy with their visit to Shiroishi.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful time with as many people as possible!