Sharing Shiroishi with the World!

Hello everyone! I am Ninja.

After graduating from college in the U.S., I became fascinated with Shiroishi so I moved here. I’m working on various activities to let more people know about this city that is full of charm!

What I do in Shiroishi

Shiroishi is an attractive town filled with the history and culture of samurai, food, and artisans, but it is also in a state of decline due to problems such as a declining population. I want to bring out the best of Shiroishi’s charms so that many people can enjoy it and make it even more exciting!

My favorite place in Shiroishi

I love Shiroishi Castle, which symbolizes the city of Shiroishi and the Katakura family! This castle is also a place where you can feel the four seasons: cherry blossoms, greenery, autumn leaves, and snow. If you are ever in Shiroishi, please come to Shiroishi Castle!


Shiroishi Castle in winter.

We are organizing a variety of projects and events to make Shiroishi a place where not only people from Japan but also people from overseas can enjoy and learn! Please feel free to contact us when you come to Shiroishi!